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12Volt Tracking is an Australian owned company which is based in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. With the assistance of our resellers, we are also able to service Australia wide.

We offer you the best and most reliable GPS Tracking units for any application for your personal and business needs, from basic tracking to full security and monitoring packages.

We are dedicated in giving you the best customer service and technical support to help you in getting the best out of your GPS tracking system.


We aim for the highest customer satisfaction. To achieve this, our GPS Tracking products have been manufactured using the highest quality components.

We endeavour to provide ongoing customer service right after all installations have been completed, to meet every customer’s needs.


We understand that technical difficulties can arise from time to time between GPS satellites and the local network, and we offer 100% customer satisfaction into keeping your device online and active as quick as possible.  


12Volt Tracking continues to evolve and grow as a business around our customers’ needs and welcomes all feedback and requests that are made. 

Avoid having your GPS Tracker found in your vehicle by unauthorized people from poor installation!



At 12Volt Tracking, we strongly believe that the workmanship into the installation of your GPS tracking unit is just as important as the customer service provided. We offer different installation packages to suit your application, from basic fleet management installs, to complete custom hidden installs to avoid tampering or theft.


What separates us from other companies in the industry, is that we ensure to take that next step in making sure that your vehicle or asset is not jeopardized by poor or lazy installations where employee’s or thieves are able to locate and remove the unit.


Very tight and hard to reach areas can cause satellite interference via thick metals and insulation, causing your device to freeze or not work at all, this forces companies to fit your GPS unit in easy to find locations, which although it creates a better signal, it jeopardizes unauthorized people to locate the unit, and have it removed.


We have pushed the limits on our GPS tracking units with our internal hidden chipsets to be able to withstand the hardest and tightest locations, without sacrificing your satellite signal. 

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