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What is GPS Tracking?

GPS vehicle tracker uses the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a vehicle or other asset to which it is attached.
The position is recorded at regular intervals and is transmitted to a central database using a cellular (GPRS) modem embedded in the unit. This allows the location to be displayed on a map in real-time or over a span of time in Control Center.

There is no charge for a demonstration, it's free! Simply call or email us to arrange us to schedule you in for a 
free demonstration.

What is the charge for a demonstration?

No, there is no restriction on tracking as long as the GPS Tracker has Reception for GSM & GPRS

Are there any limitations on tracking?

There is no limit on how many vehicles that can be tracked by the GPS Vehicle Tracking systems.

How many vehicles may I add to my account?

What are GPS Tracking Alerts?

GPS tracking alerts are unique limits that a customer can set up for their tracked vehicle. When the limit is broken, an SMS & Push Notification is sent to the customer. If a speed limit, for example, is broken, the customer will be notified. Depending on which GPS vehicle tracking system or service plan the customer chooses, they will be alerted to these types of occurrences.

What reports are available?

Users can run speed, mileage, and exception reports on our online platform. Most of these GPS fleet management reports are available online and many are visible directly on the Control Panel.

How do I contact Support ? 

You can contact us (03) 8339 2233 or email for support with any issues you may be experiencing.

Do I have to tell employees that I have a GPS Tracking Device installed? 

Employers who own their vehicles have a right to monitor their property.

GPS tracking devices have been deemed by the courts to be reasonable, Workplace surveillance is completely legal and common.
GPS Vehicle Tracking is very similar to cameras and other monitoring devices that are commonly used by employers.

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