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Whether you are monitoring one personal vehicle or a whole fleet of machinery and trucks, we can help you with your GPS Tracking Solutions by tracking your assets LIVE 24/7 in the palm of your hand.  There are no limits to our GPS Tracking System, allowing you to have access via your Apple/Andriod Phones, Laptops & Desktops!  Key GPS Tracking Features: - LIVE GPS Tracking- Geo-Fence Alerts- Monitor Speed- Monitor Ignition Functions- Monitor Frequent Stops- Idling Reports- Internal Back-Up Battery- Suitable for 9-36VDC- Hard Wired United   **Additional Fee's Apply License Fee's / SIM CARD Fee's** Please select via the drop-down menu how you would like to pay the License Fee's to access your vehicles location LIVE before Check OutTotal: $96.00 Per Year Per Unit  These Fees are Direct Debited from you by 12Volt Tracking once you have completed the correct form that will be sent to you after your purchase.  A form will be sent to you after your purchase and you'll need to put all of your details for 12Volt Tracking to activate your SIM Card for the GPS Tracker and to send out your GPS Tracking Unit already set up & Activated ready for you to install into your asset.   Please note, This is only for a supply cost, any installation costs are additional.

GPS Tracking Unit

  • Power/Fuel Cut Off

    This feature gives you total control of your vehicle from your smartphone. Either from an SMS command or directly from your tracking app, you can shut off your vehicle's power supply if it has been stolen or driven by an unauthorized person. Once you have sent the command, it will confirm with you that it has been successfully shut off. The vehicle will only then power back up if you authorize it via another SMS command, or via your tracking app. Due to safety and legal purposes, the vehicle will only shut off when it detects a low speed (30-40kms).

    This feature can also be used as an immobilizer, as it can be setup before the vehicle actually has started to drive. The benefit of this style immobilizer over your traditional “kill switch” is that it’s all done via your phone, therefore eliminates thieves finding the kill switch you have hidden somewhere in the car.


    Voice Monitoring

    The Voice monitoring feature provides you with a live real-time one-way communication sent from an external microphone mounted inside your vehicle. You simply dial the mobile number related to the GPS unit, and it will answer the phone call, enabling you to hear any activity from inside the vehicle.


    SOS Emergency

    The SOS feature gives you emergency communication with the press of a button, sending an SMS and phone call to all designated mobile numbers that you have pre-selected as SOS numbers. The SMS contains a link to a map showing the exact position from when the button was pressed. This feature can be used in an emergency where a mobile phone isn’t present, or not operating. It is advised to setup your SOS numbers to the correct designated mobile numbers and have the selected people aware of this feature, to be able to assist you when you send out an SOS alert.

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